Red Jacket Solutions is the trusted partner of companies looking to transform their business operations through strategic partnerships with industry leading companies.

Led by Founder & President Thomas Forte, Red Jacket Solutions has over 40 years of experience in the telecommunications industry.

Over the past 29 years

Tom has been advising companies through all phases of Market Entry, Tariffing, Compliance and Regulatory support. During this time, he has worked with over 1,000 communication providers, managing various phases of their regulatory planning.

Tom has guided these clients as they grew from one or two state start-ups to nationwide providers, all while keeping them in compliance with various regulatory obligations.

Red Jacket Solutions, has assembled leading-industry providers to assist your company with its ever-changing transition through:

  • Billing & Workplace Management (or OSS/BSS)
  • Regulatory & Tax Compliance
  • Data & Inventory Management
  • Payment Processing
  • Cloud-Based Communications Services, along with Network Engineering Solutions
  • Web & Mobile Applications Development, SaaS Products
  • Desktop & Legacy Software Redevelopment Specialist

By working so closely with the financial and operational areas of his clients, Tom has gained a valuable understanding of what makes for an effective transformation to success.

Feel free to reach out to Tom at, or 407.338.3265 to see how our providers can grow your company to greater heights.

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